Beauty and the Beast: Vincent Takes Off His Shirt Again (Yay!) and Wakes Up Covered In Blood

So last week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast ended predictably frustratingly, with Vincent passing out on his way to Catherine’s house for a romantic dinner. She got all sexied up for him and set the mood at her place, while Vincent faceplanted in the gutter, only to wake up on top of a huge ass bridge! Like, way on top. Random much?

So this episode starts with Cat feeling embarrassed and worried about Vincent, who for some reason unknown to womenkind, did the typical guy thing and pretended nothing happened. He just acted like he’d felt sick and blew her off. She bought it like a real insecure dummy, and left. She pouted all during work and her Amazonian partner told her to ‘fess up bc she knew there was a guy involved. She admitted that there was someone, but she read more into it than was there and it was over. Meanwhile that hot, but not who I want her to be with, medical examiner keeps putting the moves on her and uses her dad as an excuse to sneak in a dinner date. Cat has to go dress fitting with her soon-to-be stepmom, who is her exact age. Creepy. But she seems nice, til she leaves the dress fitting to go smooch some guy. Cat’s all upset, but I roll my eyes and shake my head. Her dad’s fiancée clearly shoved the guy away from her when he kissed her, so it was obviously not wanted, but Cat is super eager to expose her “slutty” ways to her dad. In the meantime, they catch a case about a dead painter. Sad.

Vincent walks around his warehouse apartment without a shirt on, and I am very happy. I think I may have paused it and stared for a few minutes. I can’t remember because I was lost in a haze of lust. He’s crazy hot. Even when he monster Quasimodos it, I just stare at his bulging muscles and think of my happy place…which coincidentally is in his pants.

ANYWAY! When Vincent goes to talk to Cat and explain his feelings and why he didn’t show up to their dinner, Cat is stand-offish. She tells him it’s fine, and that they should just stay friends and sometimes crime solving buddies. Vincent is obviously crushed, but when she turns around to answer the knock at the door, Vincent has ninja vanished to her fire escape. She looks around and is surprised that he’s gone. I, on the other hand, am surprised she’s a cop. I mean, look at the fire escape, you moron!! He is ALWAYS on it! But alas, she looks puzzled and then goes to the art gallery with Evan (hot medical examiner) for the case, while Vincent stares at her longingly and creepily through her window with oddly hot glowing gold eyes. Why women swoon and sigh dreamily at the sight of a hot guy watching the girl he loves while she sleeps (unbeknownst to her), or through her bedroom window, or from the rooftops across from her house, I will never understand. Thinking back, Vincent goes into Peeping Beast mode each episode and…Sorry! I just swooned! Weird.

Back to my boyfriend. So Vincent feels left out and goes to discover more about the art gallery case so he can connect with Cat again. She’s there with Evan, but the second she spots Vincent she takes off with him. He shows her what he discovered, which was the dead artist’s studio, filled with paintings of his girlfriend. When Cat asks why the artist wouldn’t tell his girlfriend he loved her, Vincent says it’s because he doesn’t feel worthy. Cat asks how he knows and he looks at her with dreamy bedroom eyes and says,  “Because I know how he feels.” Squeee!

I lose a little respect for Cat when she doesn’t immediately jump his bones. Sigh. But apparently she has her “Work Hat” on. They realize the art gallery is aka a whorehouse, and the gallery owner and his curator are the pimp and madam. They totally killed the artist when he threatened to expose their shady business if they didn’t let his hooker girlfriend out of their classy brothel.

After solving the case, Cat runs to Vincent and tells him he’s the best thing in her life right now, and he looks adorably nervous. She has to leave, but not before rubbing his sexy, monster scars on his cheek. He feels really happy until he wakes up in an alley on a freaking sewer vent, covered in blood. Oh shit. Something tells me their relationship is about to get bumpy. Shocker!

Check out my next post where I talk about my OTHER boyfriend, Arrow!


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